"Every one of these webinars seem like they are arriving exactly when I need them to support furthering SEL in my district and using the DESSA suite of assessments to ground our work.  Kudos and thank you!"

- Heidi Moore Trasatti, Baltimore City Public Schools


Promoting Teacher Resilience

Join Paul LeBuffe as he turns the spotlight onto our educators during the abrupt change COVID-19 brought to our school systems. 

How, Not "If": Promoting Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development in Young Children is a Necessity

In partnership with The Character Tree, this webinar presented by Dr. Maurice Elias dives deep into social and emotional learning and character development in young children. 

Essential SEL Strategies & Skill Building to Facilitate in the First Weeks of School (Wherever School Occurs)

Judith Nuss and Kim Williams team up to showcase and demonstrate essential SEL skills in the multiple back to school settings that will happen as we start the 2020-21 year.

SEL and Resilience: A Holistic Approach to Preventative Mental Health

In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of social and emotional learning as a tool to support the development of resilience and protective factors in today's students.

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools and Beyond

A 3-Part webinar series lead by Lisa-Anne Williams, M.Ed., of Aperture Education and Bryan Clement, M.Ed., of Dovetail Learning. 

How To Implement an SEL Program within Multi-Tiered Systems of Support [Case Study]

  Join a panel of school psychologists from Port Washington-Saukville School District (WI) to learn more about how they integrate SEL assessments into their MTSS framework.

[Case Study] Combining PBIS and SEL Measures to Inform Behavior Interventions

Join us for an exploration of one school’s endeavor to collect, examine and integrate SEL skills and PBIS behavior data.

Caring for Your Staff: Why Supporting SEL for Educators is Important

This webinar will describe why supporting educator social-emotional competence is important, provide strategies for supporting educator social-emotional development, introduce participants to a new solution to help support educators' social and emotional skills. 

Critical Skills for School Success: 
Districtwide SEL Initiative

Featuring Senior Research Associate, Jennifer Robitaille, who discusses the correlation between academic performance and 
discipline infractions.

The DESSA in Special Ed Setting

This webinar is part of Aperture Education's ongoing work to support educators, administrators and out-of-school-time organizations in implementing social 
and emotional learning programs 
within their schools.

Improving Schoolwide Social Climate

Featuring SEL expert Dr. Cheryl Harmer 
and Senior Research Associate, Jennifer Robitaille. Explore all about how social & emotional learning impacts school climate.

Integrating SEL Using Data: 
A District's Key to Success

Featuring special guests from Sudbury 
Public Schools (MA) and Open Circle - 
an SEL curriculum partner.

Bridging the SEL Gap in High Schools

Featuring Vice President of Research & Development and assessment author, Paul LeBuffe. 


Using SEL Data to Facilitate Effective & Sustainable Multi-tiered Systems of Support

This webinar welcomes all districts and 
schools who are interested in developing 
or have already developed Multi-tiered 
Systems of Support (MTSS) as their approach to school improvement. 

Using Near-Peer Mentors to Progress Monitor & Foster Social and Emotional Skills

Featuring members of City Year's National Program Design and Impact Analytics teams. 

Why Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum & Assessment Go 

Featuring Buncombe County Schools and Aperture Education's team - a sneak peek into the DESSA-Second Step Edition.


Roadmap to Strategic Culture Planning

As the end of the school year approaches, we’d like to take you on a strategic planning journey. Hear from Katie Gordon, Elementary Principal from Indianapolis, IN, as she offers insight from her school.


Promoting Positive School Climate: A Social-Emotional & Character Development Approach

Join us as we hear from Social-Emotional and Character Development Associate Lab Director from Rutgers University, Danielle Hatchimonji. 

The Perfect Marriage: Integrating PBIS 
and SEL Measures

Join members of the Aperture Education and Kickboard teams as they discuss the integration of PBIS and SEL.


Bringing SEL to the High School Level 

Join us to learn more about Aperture Education's newest social and emotional learning assessment - the DESSA-High School Edition.


Social and Emotional Competence: 
Essential Skills for School and Life Success

Join author of multiple SEL assessments, Paul LeBuffe, as he introduces the essential questions confronting school administrators and educators including: 
1) What is social and emotional learning? 
2) Why is it important to my students and staff? 
3) What should I do about it?

The Behavior Side of the Triangle: Making Strides to Support Social Emotional Learning 

Featuring RTI Administrator, Susan Astone, from Burlington Public Schools in Burlington, Massachussetts.

Advancing Equity with the DESSA: Practical Applications to a Crucial Issue

Featuring Vice President for Research & Development, Paul LeBuffe.

How to Launch SEL at Your School

  Following a brief overview of the benefits of social and emotional learning, this webinar includes specific action steps for getting SEL started in your school.


Caring for Your Staff: Why Supporting SEL for Educators is Important

Learn why supporting educator SEL is just as crucial as supporting the social-emotional development of youth. Featuring Jennifer Robitaille, Aperture Education's Senior Research Associate.

Behind the Scenes: How can DESSA data work for you?

Learn how Aperture Education’s DESSA System can support programs like MTSS, PBIS, and other school improvement programs. 

How-To Guide: Monthly Plan for Implementing SEL Now & Preparing for Next Year

Featuring Research Associate from Aperture Education, Alyssa Ciarlante and Engagement Manager from Move This World, Elana Kanter. 

Fall 2017 SEL Mini-Series 

Featuring the team from Aperture Education, this mini-series will walk you through all of the features of the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System, Aperture's social and emotional learning assessment and intervention system. 

Practical Considerations in Selecting an SEL Assessment for Your District

This webinar will review the key quality indicators of good SEL assessments and also stress practical issues in implementing SEL assessment. 
Presentation by Vice President of Research & Development, Paul LeBuffe.

SEL: The Basics. 
What is SEL... and why it's so important

Featuring Partnership Manager & SEL Trainer, Lisa-Anne Williams, and Director of Sales & Business Development, Marc Kirsch.

The DESSA: Uncovered
What it is, What it's Not, and Everything in Between

Featuring the co-author of the DESSA, Paul LeBuffe.

Assessing Social-Emotional Strengths: 
What, Why, and How?

Featuring Amanda Nickerson, professor of school psychology and director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.

SEL & DESSA Overview

Learn how the DESSA can be used in 
schools, after-school programs and a 
variety of other settings as well!


Peering Through the Funding 
Looking Glass

Featuring Dr. Jenny House from 
RedRock Reports who helps you take advantage of available resources.





SEL in Afterschool: How SEL Data has Impacted Programming & Youth Served in a Big Way

Featuring special guests from Future Ready Columbus, Vineyard Columbus, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati and the Ohio Afterschool Network.

Social and Emotional Learning in the 
Afterschool Setting

Featuring Director of Sales & Business Development, Marc Kirsch, and Senior Research Associate, Jennifer Robitaille.

How SEL Drives Action & Improvement in
Your Community

Featuring the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati.

 Effective Use of SEL Assessment: A National Effort

Hear from national and local community YMCA staff and learn tips to make the most of your social-emotional learning (SEL) efforts. 

The Whole Child, The Whole Village: 
How to connect In School and Out of School to Support SEL

Join us and find out why it's so important to connect school districts and out-of-school-time organizations with regard to social and emotional learning (SEL).  

How to Develop a Sustainable Social Emotional Learning Program [Case Study]

Follow the Kalamazoo Youth Development Network's journey on a 3-year strategic roll-out of their social and emotional learning program. 

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