SEL and Resilience: A Holistic Approach to Preventative Mental Health

with a panel of industry experts

In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of social and emotional learning as a tool to support the development of resilience and protective factors in today's students.

You'll hear from a panel of industry experts and walk away with actionable information, including answers to the following questions:

- How can community partnerships be used to support SEL in schools?
- What are the challenges around integrating data and proper data use within a mental health framework?
- How do you integrate SEL skills into the classroom to build resiliency and promote positive mental wellness?
- How can we connect SEL and protective factors to the ACES framework?

Panelists include:
Gina Hurley, Executive Director of Social-Emotional Learning and Student Services, Barnstable Public Schools
Katherine Thompson, Project AWARE Coordinator, Middletown Public Schools
Sherie Chapman, Social Worker, Middletown Public Schools
Bryan Clement, Director of Program and Partnerships, Dovetail Learning
Lisa-Anne Williams, Partnership Manager and Master Trainer, Aperture Education
Kim Williams, Professional Development Lead and Client Success Specialist, Aperture Education