Effective Professional Development = SEL Program Success!

    Use these resources to lead your SEL training initiatives and promote SEL within your school

    Download Our 6 Tips for Leading Highly Effective SEL Professional Development!

    The best professional development goes beyond teaching fundamental skills. Truly effective SEL training increases SEL buy-in, engages and inspires your staff, and prepares educators for a successful SEL implementation. 

    Download a free copy of our tip sheet to learn the key steps for leading highly effective SEL training. Following the 6 tips outlined below will ensure the best outcomes for building social and emotional skills in students. 

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    1. Embed SEL in the school and district plans.

    2. Start the session with a success story.

    3. Don’t just tell — show.

    4. Provide practice opportunities.

    5. Offer ongoing coaching and support.

    6. Respect staff’s time.

    Inspire Staff with Engaging SEL Professional Development

    Effective professional development is a cornerstone of successful SEL implementation. Teachers and staff need to know what SEL is, how social and emotional competence improves student outcomes, and how to teach these skills to students.

    The most effective programs use a comprehensive training model. District and school staff participate, and SEL is prioritized within a school's strategic plan. Training extends beyond the initial session, and staff are given many opportunities to practice SEL, obtain feedback, collaborate with peers, and receive ongoing support throughout the year.

    Strengthen Your SEL Implementation with Quality Training and Staff Support

    Resources to Support Your SEL Professional Development

    There are many resources schools and districts can use to make SEL professional development engaging and effective. Here are a few to get you started:

    SEL Foundations: Building SEL for Academic Success
    *Please note: You must create a free account to use the District Resource Center from CASEL*
    Use this slide deck created by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as a training session template or a reference tool.

    Social-Emotional Learning: What Is SEL and Why It Matters
    Second Step created a helpful video that provides an introduction to what social and emotional skills are and the important role they play in the lives of students and adults. 

    Principal Facilitation Strategies Guide: Large Group SEL Activities for Staff
    CASEL experts share ideas for professional development activities that engage staff and provide hands-on SEL training.

    Social and Emotional Learning: A Schoolwide Approach
    American Institutes for Research (AIR) developed this video to help educators improve how SEL is being taught in school and afterschool settings.

    Want more information? CASEL’s District Resource Site includes many resources, rubrics, and processes to help schools and districts create effective SEL professional development.

    Increase Program Effectiveness with Continual Staff Support

    Once educators obtain foundational knowledge of SEL and how to teach it to students, it’s critical to follow through with practice, feedback, and coaching. Use these resources to meet the ongoing needs of your staff.

    Principals’ Guide: Creating an Effective SEL Program that Boosts Achievement
    Use our playbook to find solutions to common challenges principals face when launching and sustaining effective SEL programs. Included are tips to overcome obstacles, SEL best practices, and a focus on how SEL assessments can strengthen your implementation. 

    Teacher Labs: Making Professional Development Collaborative
    Share this video with school leaders to show the benefits of collaborative training. Consider integrating this model into your SEL professional development to boost program success. 

    Leverage Research on Curriculum and Professional Learning to Fulfill the Vision of PLCs
    Learning Forward Executive Director, Stephanie Hirsh, shares insight on how Professional Learning Communities (PLCS) help improve staff learning and implementation. 

    Suggestions for Principals to Provide Teacher Support
    One of the most valuable resources for teachers are principals who are committed to providing continual, collaborative support. These tips will help you earn teachers’ trust and improve their morale.

    Aperture Education's Professional Learning Opportunities
    Aperture Education’s team is committed to providing high-quality professional learning opportunities, including half and full day on-site training, professional webinars, on-site and remote technical assistance, and implementation planning. If your school or district is considering using the DESSA to measure your students' social and emotional skills, these professional learning opportunities provide an excellent way to prepare staff for implementation to ensure fidelity and success.

    Social and Emotional Learning Coaching Toolkit
    Created by the American Institutes for Research

    Research shows that ongoing coaching and support is critical to the success of any implementation. Set your school or district up for success by establishing a plan to support your staff throughout the year.

    Download this toolkit to learn how administrators, instructional coaches, and school leaders can give staff the resources they need in their SEL programs and practices. You’ll learn ways to support staff through planning, observations, feedback, and collaboration.

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    Improve Your SEL Initiatives with Aperture Education’sthe DESSA Comprehensive SEL System


    SEL assessments provide valuable insight into your district and school needs. The DESSA System’s easy-to-use data and reporting illustrates SEL competence and requirements within districts, schools, and classes.

    Use this data during your SEL professional development to engage staff in a collaborative discussion about which SEL areas to prioritize and how to best address those needs. Continue to use the data throughout the year to make needed adjustments to SEL instruction and to measure program effectiveness. 

    Complete the form on the right to demo the DESSA System and learn how the DESSA can improve your SEL training.  

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