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The ROI of SEL Just Might Surprise You

Most educators agree that social and emotional skills are essential for both children and adults, and much research proves these skills help set the foundation for success in school and in life.

But we all know the world of district budgets and the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of educational programming. District leaders need to know that quality, well-implemented social and emotional learning (SEL) programs are worth the cost and effort and have a high return on investment (ROI).

Luckily, it’s easy to make the case for why SEL is a worthwhile investment. We put together a helpful guide to outline all the benefits of a quality, well-implemented SEL program, including:

  • Increases students’ academic achievement
  • Effectively supports teachers’ well-being, instruction, and retention
  • Builds critical social and emotional competencies in students and adults
  • Offers a 13% ROI

Take the next steps in your sel Journey

There are so many reasons to invest in SEL programming. We hope you find this guide helpful as you plan your SEL program. 

Aperture Education can help you every step of the way in creating a quality SEL program that delivers the many benefits outlined in this guide. We invite you to learn more about the DESSA and the Educator Social-Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT). Contact us today to start a conversation with our SEL experts.

About Aperture Education

Aperture Education has empowered over 6,500 schools and out-of-school time programs across North America to measure, strengthen, and support social and emotional competence in K-12 youth and educators. The Aperture System includes the DESSA suite of strength-based assessments, CASEL™-aligned intervention strategies, and robust reporting, all in one easy-to-use digital platform. This system enables education leaders to make strategic, data-based decisions about SEL within their organizations. Aperture has supported more than one million students in their social and emotional growth and continues to develop innovative solutions to bring the whole child into focus. To learn more, visit

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