Aperture 9-12 

Quickly understand high school student social-emotional competence by capturing student voice with education’s most researched, strengths-based, nationally-normed assessment, the DESSA, now available in a mobile-friendly, digital self-report for high school students.

With Aperture 9-12, you can:

  • Reliably assess high school student social-emotional needs
  • Quickly identify students in need of Tier 2 & 3 supports
  • Deliver real-time intervention strategies in the most crucial areas of growth for individual students
  • Engage students in their own social-emotional growth as they prepare for college and career
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Students can...

Take the DESSA— education’s most well-respected social-emotional assessment— receive immediate results and research-based personal intervention strategies, in addition to setting and tracking personal goals. All through a gamified, self-guided system.

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Counselors can...

Capture real-time student voice data, easily identify trends in competency gaps and students in need of Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports, and assign and track research-based intervention strategies to students in need.


District Leaders can...

Use custom and intuitive reporting to quickly understand the social-emotional competence of their high school students to make better decisions for implementing strategies and new initiatives district- or school-wide.

How it works

Aperture Student Portal Results Page

Student Self Report

  • Students begin by logging into the Aperture Student Portal and taking the DESSA, known for its strong foundation in research. It takes an average of 7 minutes to complete.

  • Upon completing the DESSA, students are engaged with instant feedback on 8 social-emotional competencies.

  • Students can easily explore each competency to understand their specific strengths and growth opportunities.

Personalized Growth Plans

  • Students can then choose to improve their skills through research-based challenges of their choice.
  • They can also set personal SMART goals to aid in their learning and growth and develop a sense of agency.
  • Optionally, students can connect to advocates (teachers, counselors, parents, or mentors) who can help them achieve their goals.
Aperture Student Portal - Goals Page

Data, Insights, and Group-based Strategies

  • Teachers, counselors, or program managers can also conduct a DESSA rating through the Aperture System to assess students who show an extra level of need and growth opportunity.
  • Administrators can log into the Aperture System to view important data and insights around student social-emotional competence, trends across groups of students, and to provide strategies to groups of students.