Educator Social-Emotional Reflection & Training

A professional development program to support the social-emotional competence and well-being of educators.

Supporting educators to strengthen their own social-emotional competence is a key component to effective social-emotional learning (SEL) for students (CASEL, 2019). Too often, educators feel unprepared or without the necessary resources to successfully deliver SEL programming. When given these tools, educators are better equipped to build stronger relationships with students, manage classroom behaviors, and deliver SEL instruction effectively (Jennings & Greenberg, 2009).


EdSERT provides a comprehensive set of research-based and practical resources developed for K-12 teachers and out-of-school time program staff designed to:

  • Increase SEL knowledge and practices to prepare educators to effectively teach social-emotional skills.
  • Enhance ability to model social-emotional skills for students.
  • Develop practices to manage stress, the demands of teaching, and the needs of students.

Professional Development

Learn why social-emotional competence is important for all members of school and OST communities.


Reflect on existing competencies and identify growth opportunities.


Implement self-directed practices designed to enhance competencies and ability to demonstrate them in the workplace.

"In order to be effective at modeling and teaching Social-Emotional Skills to our students, we must first understand these skills within ourselves and how we apply the skills to our role as educators. The Educator Social-Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT) program provides a common knowledge for the leaders and teachers in our school district. Together, we are building our competence through a time of learning, self-reflection, and application."

- Jennifer Gardner, MTSS District Coordinator, Greene County Schools (NC)

Promote 8 CASEL-Aligned Social-Emotional Competencies

EdSERT can be used as a standalone educator-focused program or as a complement to an existing SEL curriculum for students. For schools and programs using the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System, EdSERT will provide a consistent approach focusing on promoting the same 8 competencies for students and educators.




Social Awareness

Relationship Skills


Goal-Directed Behavior

Personal Responsibility

Decision Making

Optimistic Thinking

Administrator Guide
  • A guide providing recommendations for implementing EdSERT school- or program-wide
  • Discussion questions and tips for incorporating educator SEL into staff meetings or in-service training sessions are provided 
Professional Development Modules
  • A set of 9 recorded webinars that can be viewed on demand either individually or as a group
  • 1 overview module of SEL and EdSERT
  • 8 competency-specific modules



Educator Competency Guides
  • Each educator will receive a set of 8 individual guides (1 for each of the 8 competencies promoted)
  • Each guide includes a self-reflective assessment, personal planning tool, and practical strategies aligned to the self-assessment

Online Resources Portal
  • Access to supplemental resources online


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