Using the DESSA System in a Virtual Environment

As you plan for how to support students’ social and emotional needs, we recommend that you consider the following DESSA System Resources:

  • Foundational Practices (located on the Strategy tab in the DESSA System) are designed to support a positive classroom culture and climate, which helps to lay the foundation for supporting all students’ social and emotional development.

  • Growth Strategies (located on the Strategy tab in the DESSA System) are designed to support universal SEL instruction if you are not currently using a universal SEL curriculum. We recommend a universal SEL approach for all students as they return to school given the social and emotional impacts they may have experienced due to COVID-19.

  • Parent Resources are provided through our Family Resources.  The Family Resources page (formerly the Parent Portal) presents strategies and resources to engage families and have them reinforce SEL skills at home. 

  • Educator Resources: DESSA Teacher Reflection and Action strategies located within the Growth Strategies provide a way for educators to consider their own use of the DESSA competencies. You may also want to check out Aperture’s newest resource called EdSERT, designed to support the SEL and well-being of educators.

Click on the options below for more detailed information on using the DESSA Comprehensive System if your school or program is beginning the year with full-time virtual, online instruction. 

 Thank you for your ongoing efforts to support your students’ social and emotional well-being. Please contact our team at with any questions or concerns.

Virtual - Teacher
Virtual - Parent
Virtual - Check in

Teachers can complete the DESSA-mini on each student.

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Parents can complete the DESSA-mini on their child/children.

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Informal, strengths-based check-ins with parent/guardian(s) and student(s).

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