What is the DESSA-Second Step SEL Assessment?

The DESSA-Second Step Edition (DESSA-SSE) is a research-based, standardized behavior rating scale created in partnership with Committee for Children and customized to the Second Step Program.  The DESSA-SSE is used to assess student SEL development related to social and emotional competence, resilience, and academic success.

The DESSA-SSE is available for Kindergarten through Grade 5 and is designed to be completed by parents, teachers, and out-of-school time staff. Additionally, the widely-used and award-winning DESSA is available to continue measuring outcomes and spans Kindergarten through Grade 12. 

Both the DESSA-SSE and the DESSA are available via Aperture Education's DESSA Comprehensive SEL SystemMonitor progress, measure outcomes, and inform practice with reliable reporting available at the individual, site, and district/program levels. 

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DESSA Second Step SEL Education program