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Aperture Education's DESSA System features the research-based, award-winning Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) suite of assessments, along with research-informed strategies and real-time reporting to provide a comprehensive social and emotional learning solution to schools and out-of-school-time programs. The DESSA is a widely-used, strength-based behavior rating scale that is empirically sound and nationally normed for K-12. Universally screen students in under 60 seconds with a reliable tool that is practical for teachers and doesn't take up valuable class time. 

Gain insight into the DESSA, DESSA-mini, Growth Strategies, Foundational Practices, Reporting, and much more by watching our quick video tour. 

Download a Sample Report, Growth Strategy, and schedule time to talk with an SEL Consultant:shutterstock_265604252

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Sample Report:
The standardized and nationally normed DESSA offers sound data to give you insight at the individual, site and program level. 

Sample Growth Strategy:
Actionable ways to strengthen social-emotional skills based on the 8 DESSA competencies

Evidence-Base behind the DESSA:
Learn more about the research behind the DESSA.

 Why should we assess Social and Emotional Skills?

Schools and out-of-school-time programs are putting value on the importance of understanding their students’ social and emotional competencies. Understanding their youth helps them make informed decisions about how best to support social and emotional skills. 

Pair reliable assessments, actionable data and growth strategies for a social emotional system you can count on to support your social and emotional learning goals. 

Weshutterstock_530555074the DESSA 

Our mission is to help children become successful and happy adults.
We do this by focusing on addressing the whole child by assessing social-emotional skills using the award winning Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA). The DESSA is a strengths-based behavior rating scale for grades K-12 and is:

  • Research-Based: The DESSA is both nationally standardized and norm-referenced, with a standardization sample of n=2494. In addition, it exceeds the recommended standard for rater reliability and assessment validity. For more specific information, visit our DESSA 101 page.

  • CASEL Aligned: Aperture Education’s 8 social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies are directly aligned to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) highly-regarded five SEL competency framework.

  • Practical: The DESSA and DESSA-mini keep educator time in mind and can easily be completed in 5-7 minutes for the DESSA and less than 1 minute for the DESSA-Mini. 

  • Early Warning Indicator: Students in the "Need for Instruction" range on the DESSA-mini at the beginning of the school year are found to be 4.5x's more likely to commit a serious behavioral infraction by the end of the school year. The DESSA-mini can be used to predict and intervene before such incidents occur.

  • Progress Monitor & Measure Progress:  Four equivalent DESSA-mini forms are available to provide a simple and effective way to track changes in social and emotional competence over time.

Keep reading to learn more about the DESSA and DESSA-mini:

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